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Placement Policy

The following are the guidelines for integrating ad placements on your website or application.
Adherence to these guidelines is essential to ensure proper delivery of ads.

This page will be updated regularly with any changes or additions to the guidelines. Publishers are encouraged to check back occasionally to stay informed about the latest updates. Not following the guidelines could potentially result in a pause in ad delivery.

Ensuring a proper implementation

Installing Carbon is as simple as pasting the ad code into your project. Here are some guidelines you should know when integrating Carbon:

  • You can only use the ad code provided in the dashboard to serve the ads. Do not modify or host the script on a different server.
  • If you're using a modern frontend framework like React or Vue, you have to load the script as a client component.
  • Only load the ad code once on each page.
  • Do not auto-refresh the ads using any methods, unless your project is a single web page that relies on page routing to navigate between pages.
  • You may not display Carbon as the backfill for other ad networks.

Ensuring a proper placement

We have some requirements when it comes to the placement. If you decide to display Carbon on your projects, you must adhere to the following requirements. We will also work with you to ensure the ad meets these guidelines.

General Guidelines

  • The ad must be visible during the initial page load for the viewport with a dimension of at least 1366 × 768 pixels.
  • The ad format must match the demo on the dashboard. All elements must stay visible all the time. You may not hide or remove any rendered elements such as image and text through CSS, JavaScript, or any other methods.
  • There can only be ads from Carbon on each page. You may not display ads from other ad networks if Carbon is visible.
  • You can promote in-house products and services if the formats are limited to featured logos or text with a hyperlink.

Mobile Placement

The ad must be visible within 3× of the mobile viewport height, starting from the top of the mobile viewport. A mobile device with a viewport height of 375 pixels needs to have the ad visible within 1125 pixels from the top of the browser. The ratio is the same for both portrait and landscape views.

The general principle is that the site visitors can view the ad with only a one-tap scroll. Optionally, you can choose to prevent the ad from loading when viewed on a mobile browser.

Ensuring a successful collaboration

Becoming a part of the Carbon network as a publisher signifies the beginning of an enduring partnership. Below, we've outlined some critical aspects of this collaborative journey you'll want to familiarize yourself with.

CSS Overriding

We reserve the right to insert some of the CSS that affects the ad format directly without prior communication. We do this to ensure the ad displays correctly whenever the ad format is incorrect or deviates from what has been approved during onboarding.

Metrics Verification

We reserve the right to address any suspicious or fraudulent metrics to uphold the performance standards of the network. The ads may stop serving during the verification; however, we will contact you within 2 × 24 hours to resolve any issues, so we can enable the ads back on your site.

Placement Performance

The placement must strive to meet the network's average, which is around 0.07%. We're aware that it takes time to find a sweet spot to optimize performance, so we will work closely with you to come up with suggestions to improve the placement during the first three months. If the performance doesn't improve after three months, we may choose to terminate the partnership by pausing the ads and inform you within a week.

Implementation Update

We will communicate with you if we decide to release an update that could significantly affect your existing integration. We also expect the same from you whenever you release a new design or change how you're allocating your site traffic to us. If you're unsure whether the change is acceptable, you can check with us first.

Ad Serving Status

Your ads will stay active if we detect impressions from your zone. If we don't see any ad requests for 14 days, we'll temporarily pause the ads. The placements that have been inactive for two months will be archived automatically.