The results are in! Check out the 2023 Carbon Ads Developer Survey

Carbon Ads 2023 Developer Survey

Connect with developers on a larger scale.

Carbon is the premier ad network for the developer community, empowering the independent web. Our meticulously curated ads and publisher network serve as an exceptional discovery platform for developers during their work day.

Every month, Carbon delivers over 100 million ad impressions across open source, web development, web design, and general web creator websites. Since inception we have helped deliver over $120 million in earnings to publishers who prefer a minimalist ad experience on their website.


We recently surveyed our developer network, read on to learn more about the Carbon Developer Community!

Who is the Carbon Developer Community?

What kind of developer lives in the Carbon ecosystem? Our platform connects you with a diverse audience, with 74% of the Carbon community identifies as Full Stack developers.


What size team do Carbon developers work on?

76% of our respondents work in companies with 1-50 employees, making us ideal for startups and small businesses targeting this segment.


What are Carbon developers interested in?

100% of surveyed developers shared they are evaluating tooling and intend to upgrade their toolkit within the next 12 months.

Help them discover and learn more about your product by running ads on Carbon!

Carbon Dev Survey

  1. Hosting (30%): Developers are constantly on the lookout for reliable hosting solutions to launch their applications and websites. With 30% expressing a keen interest in hosting services, your ad can cater to their needs, offering them the ideal platform to host their creations.
  2. Cloud Services (29%): Cloud computing continues to revolutionize the tech landscape. 29% of developers are exploring cloud services, presenting a ripe opportunity for you to showcase innovative cloud solutions that can streamline their development processes.
  3. Productivity Tools (25%): Developers thrive on productivity-enhancing tools that streamline their workflows. 25% of respondents are actively seeking such tools; whether it's project management software or code collaboration tools, your ad can position your product as the go-to solution for efficiency at work.

Additional High Priority Categories: Surveyed developers are also actively researching and interested in the following:

  • CI/CD (24%)
  • DevOps (22%)
  • Security Tools (21%)
  • Database Tools (20%)

With these insights, we can strategically position your ads in spaces where developers are not just present but actively engaged. By aligning your offerings with the specific tools and areas developers are interested in, your ads will create a lasting impact, driving meaningful engagement and conversions.

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