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Carbon lets you earn money with a simple, unobtrusive ad.

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Get more time to code.

Grow and evolve your open source project with Carbon. Joining the Carbon network lets you focus on your project while our team finds advertisers and manages campaigns. Here's how it works:

  • business-money icon Our team manages ad sales and campaigns, working with hand-picked advertisers such as Google, Slack, and HelloSign.
  • windows-expand icon You can relax knowing ads are relevant to your visitors and respect your website's UX.
  • bar-graph icon Monitor your revenue and get monthly payouts from your private dashboard.

Fully customizable and always relevant.

With Carbon, you stay in control of your website's design and user experience. Customize our ad units to look great with your website or app, and rest easy knowing that we only work with relevant advertisers.

  • Ad formats are non-intrusive and protect website user experience.
  • Featured advertisers are relevant to your audience and project.
  • You can customize the CSS in any way you see fit.
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Join a community of passionate creators.

The Carbon network is filled with people who are passionate about what they're working on, whether it's an open source project, app, website, or something else entirely.

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